In-House Stock

Quanti tray Sealer Plus
UV Lamp with viewing cabinet
Gas Detector
Bile aesculin azide agar, 500g
Silver Sulphate uniVAR
PH Online meter with probe
Whatman® qualitative filter paper
Triethoxylane 99% (3 –Amminopropyl)
Sulphuric Acid 95-99%
Mercuric Sulphate uniVAR
Ethanol 99%
Hydrex 8023 25kg
ROBU Filter crucibles porosity
COD Cell Test photometric
Nitrate Test10-500mg/L (NO3)
Weighing boat polyesters 30ml
Diamond shaped polystyrene, volume 100 mL, white –
Forceps dissecting blunt 150mm
Spatula stainless steel 150mm
Spatula stainless steel spoon type 200mm
Cornical Flask 250ml
Laboratory Duran sampling bottles 250ml
Quanti-tray (0-200 cu/100ml) 100ts
Colilert Pres ABS (18hr) 200ts
Silver Sulphate uniVAR
Bile aesculin azide agar
Egg Yolk Emulsion

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