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Mineral Processing

Specialty Chemicals and Services for the Mineral Processing Industry

For all your requirements in Depressants (Gumlose, NaSH, organic and inorganic), flocculants, Xanthates,  aliphatic alcohols, glycols, glycol ethers, anti-scalants and for the mining, alumina and water treatment industry.


Our product range is widely used for the flotation of nickel, platinum, copper, lead, zinc and gold, group elements and others. It covers the organic and inorganic chemistries.

  • Starch depressants manufactured by Tradepex
  • Modified guars and cellulose depressants
  • Copper sulphate
  • Sodium hydrosulphide (NaSH )
  • Copper sulphate


Kilcrest’s extensive range of high performance cationic and anionic flocculants have been developed to significantly enhance the flocculation of suspended solids across a range of industrial applications involving process water treatment, wastewater and effluent treatment.

Our extensive range of technically advanced flocculants includes high, medium and low molecular-weight cationic and anionic polymers in both liquid and powder forms. This product range is specifically developed to serve large quantities of water used in the mining industry to separate ore from gangue material.

Specifically, these products are used for density control in thickeners, rheology modifier in the concentrate thickeners, slimes dams for dewatering and for water reclamation.


A vast range of collectors and promoters for froth flotation

  • Xanthates – all types
  • Mercaptobenzothiazole
  • Thionocarbamates
  • Dithiophosphates
  • Xanthogen formats
  • Xanthic esters
  • Blends


Our product range serve the base metals (silver, gold & PGEs), metal sulphides, industrial minerals, coal and non-sulphides.

We offer alcohol, glycols, glycol ethers and blends of proprietary chemicals well-suited to enhancing frother performance.

Other Products

  • Cobalt sulphate
  • Activated carbon 8 x16 or 6 x 12 mesh
  • Ion-Exchange Resins
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Caustic Soda
  • Soda Ash
  • Anthracite
  • Anti-Scalants
  • Sodium Cyanide



We design and build dosing equipment for the dissolution and make up of our chemical products.

  • Guar Gum
  • Flocculant
  • Xanthate
  • Copper sulphate

After Sales Service:

We are in a particularly good position both to supply competitively and to back up the products and provide on-site assistance with product optimization, installation, set up and fault finding as required.  Local product support and service backup are provided throughout Southern Africa.

Technical Expertise:

Our team consists of degreed metallurgists, chemist and chemical engineers with varied experience collectively representing many years of industry experience. This team specializes in successfully delivering products and services to industrial and mining services to the whole of Southern Africa and beyond. Our successful track record is built upon a combination of diligence, flexibility, and process, all of which provide a thorough understanding our clients’ needs. Our high-quality service, coupled with competitive rates and our extensive database, combine to make Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd the right choice for your solution needs.