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Capability Statement

Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd has consistently and continuously provided the highest quality products to the industry since 2003. Our in-house management team collectively represents 45 years’ industry experience and specializes in successfully delivering products to the whole of Botswana State and local government agencies. Our successful track record is built upon a combination of diligence, flexibility, and process, all of which provides a thorough understanding our clients’ needs. Our high-quality service, coupled with competitive rates, our extensive database, as well as our sister company in Germany that allows us to procure equipment and supplies from the European Union combine to make Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd the right choice for your solution needs.

Why Choose Us?

As you will see from the successful post projects listed below, Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd specializes in providing the following products and services to our customers
Having the right product and services available when you call is a key to our success. Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd starts the solution providing process well before your first request. Our specialists meet daily to anticipate our clients’ needs and work to ensure we have the highest-quality products and services in our database when you call. Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd has successfully developed long-term relationships with clients because of our ability to quickly meet their needs. We customize catalogues, training, orientations, pre-assignment testing, assessments and more to meet your needs. Our ability to continuously deliver exceptional customer service results directly from our strong quality control (QC) process. Our commitment to quality continues throughout the staffing assignment and follows well-defined procedures:
Upon receipt of your official order, we call within 30 minutes of receipt and confirm the agreed-upon delivery time.
Every Friday (or on a day of your choice), with your permission, we update you on the progress of your order and confirmation of our commitment to meet our promised delivery date.
On delivery, we call to verify that goods and services have arrived on time and in good order, reported to the right department, and is ready to be commissioned.
On the same day we follow-up to confirm that our services or products we have supplied for you meets your specification andexpectations. We appreciate your candor when making the calls so we may better evaluate our services and products and fulfill your company’s needs. Of course, please feel free to contact us anytime. Your satisfaction is our utmost consideration and your feedback drives our process of continuous improvement.
At each assignment’s conclusion, a quality control card is sent that asks for on overall rating of our products and services. This card becomes a part of the permanent records in our office.
We annually review all performance cards and our overall quality of service. Feedback is an essential tool to providing quality services. In the event that an issue arises with products or services, we take immediate action in the form of verbal and/or written warnings, and if necessary. All incidents are documented and added to the performance card, thereby allowing us to continuously improve our service when placing such a service and product again. We guarantee replacement of any products and services that does not meet our customers expectations.
The following post performance examples typify our successful record, high level of services, diversity of skills and talents, and precision that Kilcrest (Pty) Ltd is committed to delivering to your organization. These examples illustrate our successful process of anticipating client needs, targeted functionality, needs analysis, solution providers and exceptional customer service.