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Telemetry & SCADA Integration

TelemetryOur telemetry division specializes in the design, manufacture, and implementation of Telemetry Systems. Telemetry Our latest products remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Products range from Remote Telemetry Units, Data Loggers, SMS Alert Units, Data Acquisition Units, Signal Conditioners, Loop Isolators, Lightning protection, Instrumentation, and SCADA systems to anything to get data to where you want it.

Our emphasis on telemetry systems relies on high-tech telemetry and includes many utility-related remote applications such as water, electrical, irrigation, sewage and traffic control. Interesting applications include the remote monitoring of strategically placed rain gauges and river flow monitors that can provide timeous warnings of flood situations downstream. At the other end of the scale, their telemetry system can be used for building management with the monitoring and control of systems and devices such as air conditioners, electrical systems, elevators, and security systems.

Our series of telemetry systems are packaged with features specific to local applications and are often not found in imported competitive products. Besides being ahead in terms of technology the solutions we offer are cost-effective and are fully supported within southern Africa.

With all the possibilities of local and remote communication and varying topologies, our solutions equipment can communicate over an extensive range and combination of mediums. These include private radio networks, fixed line public telephone, cellular through full comms or SMS, satellite, ISDN lines, optical fibre, RS485 or dedicated lines. A standard feature of our telemetry is ‘store and forward’ and this enables any remote station to be used as a digital repeater for the transmission of data to other stations. With a focus on remote stations, Kilcrest has addressed the issues of lightning and surge protection and solar battery chargers can be incorporated. The overall design philosophy for remote stations rests on three fundamentals, these being immunity, reliability and autonomy, critical features in southern africa.


The master stations operate using any SCADA package for the display of information, data capture, trending, alarming and control of remote stations. We have a number of protocol drivers for the most common SCADA packages but the OPC service protocol driver makes the system fully accessible to any software package with OLE or OPC client software.

A wide range of our modules and controllers are offered covering both digital and analog (4-20 mA) inputs and outputs. The CPU processor module, which forms the heart of the station, has onboard 128 KB memory (expandable with external modules) and controls up to 12 I/O modules per controller, the number of controllers being up to 16. The system has an onboard radio modem that can be connected to virtually any two-way radio system, while two RS232 ports connect to modems for the other communications media offered. Memory expansion modules offer up to 1 MB of memory and up to 12 of these can be added to the RTU. Memory storage is non-volatile with a 10-year backup of memory in the absence of power.

Project Services SCADA

Our support of the products and services we provide does not stop at your shipping dock door. We understand that downtime is unacceptable in today’s competitive marketplace. Our corporate mission is focused on ensuring that you keep your processes online and in production.

We always customize our support packages to fit the particular application we are designing for. Types of support we can provide include:

Start-up and Training

The Controls Engineers who designed and built your automation system are the same personnel who travel to your facility to commission it. They make sure all components are installed as intended. They confirm that all field wiring is terminated properly. They test all aspects of the control and operator interface software to confirm functionality. And they make sure that all network connections between components are configured and working properly. When their work is complete you will have a fully tested and functional system.

Your employees are your company’s greatest resource. But it does no good to upgrade your plant automation if the technology is not well understood by those assigned to use it. That is where ITSI can assist by bridging that knowledge gap. We regularly hold training classes for our customers’ employees, not just for newly installed systems, but also refresher courses on older systems as well. Our technical personnel has a very diverse range of backgrounds involving aspects of automation, instrumentation, programming, information systems, historians, project management, etc. We can tailor a technical training program that will fit both your needs and your budget.